Name: Catarina Vilarinho de Carvalho Machado de Sousa

Birth date: 22 Abril 1977

Zodiac: Touro

Weight: 47Kg

Height: 1,50m

Birth place: Oeiras

Sponsors: Roxy, Eastpak, Boogie Chicks school, Linha Pura and Vintageform

Profession: Teacher/Coach at Boogie Chicks School

Degree in: Physical education MS in Youth Training

Personality: Persistent, hard worker, open attitude, fighter

Curiosity: I never stopped!




Top 7 IBA WORLD TOUR, Representative National Team in Irland, Eurosurf European Champion;

2010 - Top 4 IBA WORLD TOUR;

2009 - Top 5 WORLD TOUR, winning a stage - Grand Slam at Sintra, Representative National Team in Jersey, Eurosurf European Champion, National Champion, Senior Champion Cup of Portugall;

2008 - Top 10 WORLD TOUR, Deputy National CHAMPION;

2007 - Top 10 WORLD TOUR, a, Representative National Team in France, Eurosurf European - 3rd place;

2006 - National vice-CHAMPION, CHAMPION Senior Cup in Portugal;

2005 - National vice-CHAMPION;

2004 - National CHAMPION;

2003 - National vice-CHAMPION;

2002 - National CHAMPION;

2001 - National vice-CHAMPION;

2000 - 16 WORLD TOUR GOB;

1999 - Vice-CHAMPION of Europe;

1998 - National and European CHAMPION;

1997 - National CHAMPION and European vice-CHAMPION;

1996 - National Vice-CHAMPION;


Organized Events

2012 - Hawaii Boogie

2010 - Boogie Chicks Competition Clinics

2009 - Mega Aula Boogie Chicks, Praia Grande

2009 - Boogie Chicks Madeira Camp, Praia da Alagoa, Madeira

2008 - Garnier Boogie Chicks, Tour

2008 - Garnier Boogie Chicks, Madeira

2008 - Garnier Boogie Chicks, Praia Grande

2007 - Garnier Boogie Chicks, Madeira

2007 - Abertura da Escola Boogie Chicks

2007 - Garnier Boogie Chicks, Praia Grande

2006 - Boogie Chicks, Praia Grande

2005 - Boogie Chicks Tour

2005 - Cascais Boogie Chicks

2004 - Oeiras Boogie Chicks

1997 - 5º Encontro de Bodyboard Feminino, Carcavelos



Personality of the Year and Medal of merit Sports by the Confederation of Sports of Portugal, 2011.

Female athlete of the year selected at Sports Gala of City Council of Cascais, 2009.

Personality of the Year and Medal of merit Sports by the Confederation of Sports of Portugal, 2009.

Speaker Lecture at the Madeira Torres School, in Torres Vedras "feed yourself like a champion", 2009.

Speaker in the Lecture at Hall of Cascais, International Women's Day, 2009.

Image Advertising Campaign for the City Council of Cascais against drugs use, 2007.

Winner of the TV show Fear Factor on TVI, 2004.

Catarina Sousa
Catarina Sousa